Barmer Jagir of Rajputana

Barmer is the south western city of Rajasthan, the erstwhile Rajputana. Barmer is sharing the western borders with Sindh province of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the Northern borders with Jaisalmer. The town of Mallani was named after a Rathore Rajput ruler Rao Mallinath Ji. Mallinath Ji was brother of Rao Viramdev Ji and Son of Rao Salkha Ji, hence the descendants of this particular branch of Rathores is considered one of the the senior most  among all other Rathore sub-clans. The current heir of Barmer Jagir belongs to Mahecha Rathore sub-clan of Suryavanshi lineage. There are other Thikanas as well in Barmer district but the same were not the tributaries to Barmer Gadh, rather they were directly under the Marwar rule. Barmer is not so populated like other regions of India, hence the life is peaceful and culturally very active.

Few villages under Barmer Jagir are Akoda, Aanti, Aanta, Asada Beri, Balau, Bandra, Jalipa, Kagau, Kapurdi, Khara Asada Beri, Bakhala, Madpura Sani, Rawatsar, Sarli, Satrwada etc.

History of Barmer :

Rathore rule in Barmer and surroundings was established in the early 13th century , the current custodians belongs to Mahecha Rathore sub-clan and known as Bharanis as they were descended from a ruler Rao Bhara Ji . Rao Bhara Ji had five sons namely Sahiba Ji, Kishan Dass Ji, Lal Singh Ji, Kheenva Ji and Pabba Ji. The territory of Barmer and surroundings was equally distributed among all the five like the distinct tradition followed by Shekhawat Rajputs.  The level of education was not at par with other regions of Rajasthan till early 19th Century but soon after a treaty with Marwar Rulers in 1845 AD paved the way for the education of Jagirdars and the common people. Many schools and institutions were established in the region enabling the Aam and Khaas to study.

Rawat Tribhuwan Singh Rathore:

He is the current heir of Barmer Gaddi, he was adopted in year 2009 by Late Rawat Umed Singh Ji Rathore’s wife Rani Sampat Kanwar (daughter of Thikana Mahansar, Shekhawati).  Tribhuwan Singh Ji is the son of Kunwar Gajendra Singh of Jalipa, now he is the heir apparent of Barmer Gadh. Rawat Umed Singh Ji was a philanthropist and active politician thus winning State Assembly election twice from Barmer(1962) and Shiv(1985). The latest addition in Barmer family is Kr.  Dhruvraj Singh Rathore (2014) S/o Rawat Tribhuwan Singh.

When Mallani was handed over to the Marwar Darbarin 1891, Munshi Hardayal Singhji, the Junior member, was deputed to write the history of that Pargana (Mallani). He has also clearly written in his book viz. “A Brief Account of Mallani” published by the order of the Durbar in 1892.**

Barmer Fort
Barmer Fort

Given below is an extract from a book ‘Brief Account of Mallani” Published by order of the Durbar 1892, written by Munshi Hardyal Singh Ji, Superintendent, Mallani. File No. 203-P135. 

The Rawat of Barmer is, as ever, enjoys the same Izzat, Privileges and Esteem. On Dashera day, the Rawat rides the horse-back while all the Jagirdars walk on foot behind him. Throughout Barmer the Rawat alone receives Nazarana Juhari and so on. When the Rawat Aseenda the ‘Gaddi’, a Parkh Oswal ancints the forehead of the Rawat with blood of his thumb just like the Thakur of Bagri anoints His Highness the Maharaja Sahib Bahadur on such occasion. Rawat along among other Jagirdars of Barmer has the honour of presenting ‘Nazar’ to His Excellency the Viceroy & Governor-GeneraL of India on his visit to Jodhpur. (Vicle Appendix A). Colonel Maharaja Sir Pratap Singhji Sahib Bahadur recognized the Rawat as ‘Mukhi& of headman in ‘Khanp Badmera’ i.e. among all the Jagirdars of Barmer, Chohtan, Satrow, Ramsar, Sihani and Bisala, who are the descendants of Rawal Lunkaji the common ancestor, so that without the attestation of the Rawat no adoption among the Chhutbhais mentioned can be regarded as valid.*

As regards inheritance in the Pargana of Barmer the estates are equally divided amongst the sons of a Thakur.

Jagirdars of Barmer :

Rawat Sahib Ratan Singh Rathore, Rawat Sahib Umed Singh Rathore, Rawat Tribhuwan Singh Rathore. Other famous dignitaries are Tan Singh Ji, Chandan Singh Ji of Jalipa, Sh. Hanumant Singh Rathore – Retd. IAS.

The Barmer Gadh is a well maintained heritage property, it is located on a height from rest of the city.

Langas and Manganiars  are the famous folk tribes of the region and attract lot of tourism and researchers. Indian Railway have a broad gauge network in Barmer hence connectivity is not a problem any more.  Government of India is exploring source of energy in the area these days, many projects are going on in this regard.

Source: Rawat Tribhuwan Singh Rathore – Fort Barmer


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